Top Career Choices by INTJs on Reddit

Picture this: It’s a rainy evening, and you’re watching a TED Talk by none other than Elon Musk, one of the most famous INTJs to ever grace the planet. He’s casually discussing his plans for colonizing Mars as if he’s outlining a weekend getaway.

Musk, with his perpetual poker face, effortlessly weaves complex engineering concepts with visions of a multi-planetary human race.

During a Q&A, someone asks, “What drives you?” With a smirk, he responds, “I don’t know. I just think it would be cool to get there before the apocalypse hits.” Cue laughter, but his brain is already sprinting back to calculating Mars’ orbital mechanics.

Fuelled by a similar dedication to intellect and innovation, INTJs on Reddit have carved out intriguing and often unexpected career paths.

From decoding the language of the universe to transforming pixels into digital masterpieces, these INTJs show that the world is their oyster—and they’ve brought their own toolkit.

Let’s dive into the remarkable array of career choices garnered from one of the most analytical and strategic personalities out there.

1. Finance

INTJs in finance are the spreadsheet samurais of the modern workforce. One Redditor boldly proclaimed their “Major in Finance,” clearly channeling their inner Wolf of Wall Street—minus the debauchery, of course.

Another brainiac, unable to resist the pull of statistical sorcery, ventured into “Applied Finance (between actuarial and standard finance course).” Because why settle for regular finance when you can add a dash of actuarial mystique?

Clearly, these folks never met a pie chart they didn’t like.

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2. Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering almost makes you expect some Iron-Man-level tinkering. One brave soul said, “I liked studying it, but I prefer the world of bits to the world of atoms.”

Translation: “I had an intense intellectual fling with mechanical engineering but eventually fell hard for coding and circuit boards.” Yes, unrequited love can be such a drag, especially when you realize you’re more Iron Man than Tony Stark.

3. Computer Science

“We’re not all Zuckerberg, but we’re trying!” quips one tech warrior. “I just passed my 2nd semester in Computer Science Engineering,” says another, one step closer to turning caffeine into code.

Another shared, “Originally did Computer Science, statistics,” because why not tackle the Everest of dry academic subjects?

Someone else revealed, “Software engineering, but switched to controls and automation engineering,” letting us know that pivoting is not just for basketball but for career choices too.

And let’s not overlook the poetic confession: “Left Compsci in 5th semester”—a heartfelt haiku of dashed dreams.

4. Logistics

Who knew logistics could lead to a tech-Herculean journey? “I became a software engineer. Long story short, my team wasn’t getting the support they needed. So I took it upon myself to solve their problems,” boasts one multitasking marvel.

Yes, they did just say that. And yes, they probably wear a cape. Imagine being the Sherlock Holmes of supply chains, cracking mysteries and coding solutions with a side of heroic flair—INTJ style.

5. Philosophy

Philosophy majors are basically intellectual gladiators in the arena of ideas. Someone pulling a double major in “Philosophy & Finance” is the academic equivalent of combining wine and cheese: pretentious but delightfully highbrow.

Then there’s the sage who added, “My minor was philosophy,” taking mental breaks from literal equations to ponder the metaphysical.

And we can’t ignore the philosopher-politico hybrid asserting, “Political science minor in philosophy”—combining political strategies with ethical conundrums, these folks probably debate themselves before bed.

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6. Biology

Here’s a whole ecosystem—literally. One future Nobel laureate touted, “Bio major chem minor as well. Also managing to eke by on ‘just’ my BS as a clinical chem specialist in healthcare,” adding a humblebrag to an already gnarly degree.

Another, preparing for the big leagues, stated, “Applying to molecular biology program next semester.” Then there’s the adventurer who exclaimed, “Pre-Med Biology -> Microbiology and Immunology Research,” making their academic journey sound like a biographical New Yorker article.

And for the cherry on top, someone confessed to an ongoing struggle as a “biology and art high school teacher,” mixing Petri dishes with paintbrushes.

7. Chemistry

In this corner, we have the alchemists of the 21st century. One user chuckled, “Chemistry, planning to take a masters in Organic Chemistry,” probably with beady eyes and a pipette at hand, ready to create things that make Walter White look like an amateur.

Another one paired it up-blended biomes, saying, “Bio major chem minor for me.” Why study just one impractical laboratory skill when you can master two?

8. Electrical Engineering

Enter the playground for INTJs who can’t decide if they’re more Tesla or Tony Stark.

One dreamer reported, “Actual interests are physics and programming, so it’s a happy medium between the two.”

Translation: “I’m dabbling in electricity because zapping stuff is fun, and coding because altering binary is akin to modern wizardry.” You can’t go wrong with capacitors and code, it seems.

9. Engineering

If you imagine undergrad engineering as gladiatorial combat for the brain, think again.

One user had the globe-trotting confession: “Construction engineering, but I’ve moved abroad now and got my post-graduate in education.”

Like a tragic hero, they peaked early and decided to ascend Mt. Nerd Olympus by teaching—imparting wisdom onto construction minions like some kind of Socrates in a hard hat.

10. Law

Hold your gasps—yes, LAW is a thing among INTJs. One versatile go-getter spilled their resume all over Reddit: “Law, Development, Public Policy, Commerce, Public Health Law, and now I am doing nursing.”

Collecting degrees like Pokémon cards and ultimately winning at life, they’re clearly going for the intellectual equivalent of infinity stones.

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11. English Literature

Oh, the literary souls who wander the labyrinth of prose and poetry! One Redditor lamented, “I made the mistake of majoring in English Lit.” Mistake? Perhaps.

But their bookshelf is probably worth more than a used car and chock-full of metaphors that only they understand.

After all, there’s nothing like immersing yourself in hundred-year-old novels and coming out with an inspired yet wildly impractical skill set.

12. Psychology

Ever wanted to delve deep into the human mind? INTJs have too, enveloping themselves in the study of the psyche. One user remarked, “Psych after dropping neuroscience,” because why stick to brain cells when you can scrutinize entire personalities?

Another curious mind elaborated, “Clinical psychology: Like I’m studying (College right now) to be a psychologist but I don’t know what the clinical term refers to.” They’ll figure it out eventually—just in time to diagnose your every quirk.

13. Animation and Game Illustration

Who wouldn’t love to marry their love for doodles with a career? “I’m really interested. That used to be one of my dream jobs but I gave up because school for it was too expensive.”

Ah, the cost of dreams—someone get these folks a GoFundMe. Another user celebrated their artistic pilgrimage by saying, “My artwork is basically all character turn arounds and expression sheets for children’s animation whereas someone else on my course could be making 3D models and attack animations for more realistic video games.”

Talk about a vibrant skill set, crafting joy for kiddos or virtual warriors alike. A clear case of drawing their destiny. Literally.

14. Criminology & Criminal Justice

Playing detective in the real world—INTJs in criminology study the science of catching the baddies. No dramatic music or noir monologues needed.

Their contributions might even make Sherlock Holmes look like a rank amateur, and that’s saying something.

Solving crimes from behind a computer screen and case files? Totally INTJ.

15. Social Work

Balancing compassion with analysis, social work entrances some INTJs.

One multitasker elucidated, “Social work /psychology and Indigenous studies,” seamlessly weaving culture and empathy into their career quilt. Another revealed a polar shift, remarking, “Now I am doing nursing.”

Because why stop at one people-oriented profession when you can plunge into another?

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16. Music

Cue the symphony! INTJs aren’t all numbers and logic.

Some, like one user, find sanctuary in the arts: “Got degrees in composition/theory and piano performance and worked in the field for about a decade before deciding that it required too much E for my taste.”

Evidently, their dream of becoming the modern-day Beethoven hit a crescendo before crash-landing into the mundane.

17. Political Science

For those who revel in strategy, chaos, and drama (no, not Game of Thrones), political science is a natural choice. It doesn’t come with dragon eggs, but it does offer plenty of debates and policy-making scenarios to exercise intellectual muscle.

Imagine every decision’s gravitas weighed by an INTJ’s precise calculations. NPR, meet your next analyst.

18. Linguistics

Why settle for mastering one language when you can understand them all, eh? One user achieved the trifecta: “BA: linguistics, literature & translation.” Because why only make sense in one tongue?

Another expanded those borders, stating, “Asian studies / linguistics,” clearly aiming to deconstruct every Asian dialect one kanji at a time. Globetrotter vibes, anyone?

19. Mathematics

Some INTJs prefer their world in axioms and theorems. “BS in Mathematics & MS in Computer Science,” said one, their career as logical as QED.

Another user added, “Mathematics (BA) and Statistics (MS),” taking number crunching to its pinnacle. If their careers were a meme, it’d be that brain expanding into the cosmos bit.

Why just do susie arithmetic when you can practically bend spacetime with calculus?

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20. Media (Masters)

For INTJs with a flair for silver screens and headlines, media is a canvas of endless possibilities. Imagine them scrutinizing scripts for logical plot holes or critiquing newscasts with the depth of a Senate hearing.

A user chimed in about acquiring a “Masters in Media,” ready to redefine storytelling with an analytical edge.

21. Library & Information Science

Ah, the guardians of the stacks and stewards of knowledge. One INTJ delved into “Library & Information Science,” combining their love for information curation with an obsession for order.

Picture them wielding the Dewey Decimal System like a seasoned warrior, every book in its rightful place and every query answered with alarming precision. Silence in the library? More like silence in the kingdom.

22. Accounting

Crunching numbers like biscotti: INTJs love the methodical beauty of accounting.

One reddit user humbly flexed their credentials: “B.S in Accounting, M.B.A and I’m working on my CPA and eventually another M.S in Economics.” Clearly, their financial acumen is only rivaled by their letter collection.

Another added, “Masters in Accounting and yes I’m an accountant,” proving that their brain is basically a walking, talking, calculator ready to audit your life.

23. Business

If INTJs were captains of industry, they’d steer the ship with an ironclad process map. One daring soul confessed, “General Business degree,” proudly wielding their versatile weapon in corporate battles.

Another opted to upskill, revealing, “Business, and finishing now a postgrad in data science,” bound to conquer boardrooms with pivot tables. Yet another admitted, “Regrettably, business,” because sometimes you compromise for that paycheck.

Finally, “Business. Supply Chain Management,” showing that some INTJs indeed find zen in optimizing logistical networks.

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24. Biochemistry

INTJs in biochemistry are the modern-day alchemists, turning the building blocks of life into groundbreaking discoveries.

One proud Redditor boasted, “BS in Biochemistry, Ph.D. in Microbiology,” as if casually mentioning they’ve mastered the human genome.

For these scientifically rigorous minds, biochemistry offers the thrill of uncovering the unknown, whether it’s the intricacies of metabolic pathways or the design of innovative pharmaceuticals.

Imagine them in their lab coats, pipetting with the precision of a surgeon, deciphering the complex puzzle of DNA like it’s just another Sunday crossword.

Their work may look like something out of a sci-fi novel, but it’s very much rooted in cold, hard science.

25. Environmental Science

Ever wonder who’s out there measuring the size of the ozone hole or calculating your carbon footprint? Enter INTJs in environmental science.

These eco-savvy masterminds are dedicated to studying the Earth’s natural systems and finding sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

They’re the ones analyzing soil samples in remote rainforests or tracking polar ice melt, all while calculating global environmental impacts with spreadsheets that would make your head spin.

Whether it’s conserving biodiversity or analyzing pollution data, these INTJs are like the environmentally conscious Avengers, ready to save the planet one eco-audit at a time.

26. Veterinary Medicine

Who says INTJs can’t be compassionate caregivers? In the world of veterinary medicine, they blend analytical rigor with a love of animals, ensuring every furry patient gets top-notch care.

Imagine them diagnosing a complex animal ailment with the precision of Dr. House, minus the grumpiness. Whether performing surgery on a squirrel or treating a horse with colic, their attention to detail is unparalleled.

They probably have a home filled with charts on pet nutrition and a menagerie of well-cared-for pets.

When they’re not saving lives in the clinic, they’re likely pioneering new veterinary techniques or researching animal diseases with meticulous enthusiasm.

27. Network Engineering / Cybersecurity

Ever wonder who’s out there keeping your data safe while you binge-watch your favorite shows? It’s the INTJs in network engineering and cybersecurity, the silent sentinels of the digital realm.

They navigate firewalls and encryption protocols with the ease of a seasoned video gamer on a speed run.

Armed with a compendium of coding languages and cybersecurity protocols, these digital knights fend off hackers with the precision of a tactician and the stealth of a ninja.

Visualize them sipping single-origin coffee while unraveling a cyber attack or optimizing network infrastructures—because a secure network is their battlefield, and they are its vigilant protectors.

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28. Graphic Design

INTJs venturing into graphic design are the Picassos of pixels, blending their meticulous nature with boundless creativity.

Picture one user invested in “Graphic design,” transforming bland layouts into visual masterpieces that command attention. They scrutinize every font choice, color palette, and logo design with the analytical precision of an architect drafting blueprints.

Imagine their design portfolio—a visually stunning mosaic of typefaces, infographics, and vector art that pushes the boundaries of conventional aesthetics.

Whether they’re freelancing or shaping the digital identity of a corporate giant, their creations marry form and function in a symphony of visual delight.

29. Apparel Industry Management

Who knew INTJs could dominate the runway? In apparel industry management, they fuse their knack for organization with a keen eye for fashion.

Envision them managing supply chains and production lines with military precision, ensuring every stitch in a garment is flawless.

One Redditor dives into this world, perhaps turning sartorial elegance into a methodical science. They’re likely optimizing everything from fabric sourcing to retail logistics, ensuring that fashion not only looks good but also runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Runway shows? Consider them choreographed battalions of fabric, each ensemble meticulously designed for maximum impact.

30. Textiles and Apparel

For INTJs who love the tactile feel of fabrics and the intricate weave of textiles, this career is like stepping into a dreamland. Whether they’re researching sustainable materials or innovating new fabric technologies, their work is a harmonious blend of art and science.

Imagine an INTJ peering through a microscope at the fiber structure of a new fabric, planning their next innovation. Their expertise ensures that every thread counts, and their creations are both aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced.

Their closets? Meticulously organized, with every garment aligned in color-coded harmony.

31. Embedded Systems Engineering

For those who need a playground of complexity, embedded systems engineering offers a wonderland of intricate circuits and coding challenges.

INTJs in this field are the unsung heroes of modern technology, crafting the minuscule systems that power everyday gadgets. Imagine one crafting microcontrollers for medical devices or automotive software, merging software with hardware in a meticulous dance.

Their work is the backbone of modern conveniences, ensuring everything from your smart fridge to your fitness tracker functions seamlessly.

Essentially, they’re the puppet masters of the digital world, pulling strings behind the scenes with unparalleled precision.

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32. Humanities

Some INTJs enjoy broadening their horizons with the overarching themes and existential puzzles found in “Humanities.” Consider them the renaissance thinkers, delving into philosophy, history, and literature with fervor.

They’re probably the ones at a dinner party debating Kierkegaard while referencing historical events to back up their arguments. Humanities offer them a holistic view of human society, providing context and depth to their analytical minds.

Expect their homes to have bookshelves bursting with classics, each tome meticulously annotated.

For these INTJs, understanding the human narrative is as crucial as any scientific breakthrough.

33. Management Information Systems

Some INTJs find solace in the orderly world of “Management Information Systems,” a realm where chaos transforms into clarity through data management and systems analysis.

Picture them charting out business processes, crafting databases, and optimizing information flow with surgical precision. They’re the ones ensuring your organization’s data is not just stored, but wielded effectively for strategic advantage.

Envision their workspace—a command center of screens displaying dashboards and analytics, every byte accounted for, every process streamlined.

They thrive on transforming an organization’s data chaos into a seamless, efficient machine.

34. Civil Engineering

Put INTJs in charge of infrastructure, and you get bridges that draw envy from the Golden Gate. Civil engineers among them don’t just build structures; they sculpt legacies of human ingenuity.

Imagine an INTJ meticulously planning a new city layout, considering every factor from environmental impact to traffic flow. Their attention to detail ensures that the projects they oversee can withstand both natural disasters and the scrutiny of future engineers.

From skyscrapers to sustainable living spaces, their blueprints are masterpieces of precision and foresight. The physical world is their puzzle, and they solve it with the grace of a structural virtuoso.

35. Material Engineering

For INTJs who find joy in the micro world, material engineering provides endless opportunities to innovate at a molecular level.

Whether they’re developing more robust materials for aerospace or creating biodegradable plastics, their work is an alchemy of chemistry and physics.

They’re likely experimenting with new composites in a lab, their eyes lighting up with each successful test. Picture them revolutionizing the industry with lighter, stronger, and more sustainable materials.

From nanotechnology to advanced metallurgy, they are the wizards conjuring the future, one atom at a time.

36. Astrophysics

For those INTJs whose intellectual curiosity knows no bounds, astrophysics is perfect—it literally offers the universe as their playground.

Whether they’re investigating black holes or mapping distant galaxies, their work transcends the mundane to explore the very fabric of space-time. Imagine an INTJ poring over telescope data, decoding the mysteries of the cosmos with fervor and precision.

Their contributions might change our understanding of the universe, perhaps even unearthing a new theory of everything. They gaze at the stars with a mix of awe and analytical rigor, contemplating the infinite possibilities.

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37. Communication Disorders & Sciences

An introspective journey into understanding communication disorders appeals to the INTJ who loves to merge psychology with biology.

They’re analyzing the minutiae of human speech and its apt discrepancies, figuring out how the misfiring of neurons affects speaking. Picture them developing new therapies or technologies to aid those with communication disorders, bringing a scientific rigour to rehabilitation.

They could be masterminding ways to decode the speech patterns of individuals with autism or creating software that aids in language development, applying their meticulous skills to profoundly impact lives.

38. Audiology (Clinical)

Venturing into clinical audiology, INTJs find sound clarity in the chaos. They are the maestros of hearing, whether it’s fitting hearing aids, diagnosing auditory disorders, or conducting detailed hearing tests.

Imagine an INTJ in a sound-proof booth, analyzing audio frequencies with the same precision they apply to their other pursuits.

They might be developing new auditory prosthetics or researching the impacts of noise pollution, turning their puntastic love for decibels into groundbreaking work.

Their clinical approach ensures that patients receive care that’s both compassionate and thoroughly precise.

39. Economics

Balancing supply and demand with the poise of a financial gymnast, INTJs in economics make Milton Friedman look like Monopoly’s Rich Uncle Pennybags. Their brain is a matrix of economic policies, analytics, and predictive modeling.

Imagine them dissecting GDP reports or formulating game-theory strategies to optimize market outcomes. From micro to macroeconomics, they turn complex theories into actionable strategies that influence everything from corporate policy to governmental fiscal measures.

They’re the ones you want crafting economic forecasts, because when it comes to numbers and data, INTJs bring unparalleled precision and foresight.

40. Sociology with a minor in History

Combining sociology with a rich narrative of history, INTJ minds map out societal constructs like strategy games. The past and present colliding in a cerebral dance—ahem, more like a meticulous waltz. And boy, do they love waltzing.

41. Linguistics, Communication Sciences, and Disorders

For the INTJ who loves to decode the language puzzle and figure out why people sometimes talk like Yoda on a bad day, combining linguistics with communication sciences and disorders is a match made in analytical heaven.

Not only are they breaking down syntax, semantics, and phonetics, but they’re also delving into the biological and neurological aspects of speech disorders. Picture this: an INTJ at a party, diagramming why your aunt has a lisp and how to rectify it.

Fascinating, right? They’re probably conducting a comparative analysis mid-conversation. Sounds like a linguistic dream come true!

42. Marine Biology

Why stay on land when you can explore the mysteries of the vast ocean? INTJs in marine biology plunge headfirst into the underwater world, scrutinizing everything from colorful coral reefs to the lifecycle of obscure deep-sea creatures.

Armed with their scuba gear and an insatiable curiosity, they’re mapping fish migration patterns and examining the ecological impacts of environmental changes.

Imagine an INTJ tracking shark populations with the same precision they apply to their carefully curated book collection. Save for sea monsters (which they’re probably secretly hoping to find), it’s the ultimate blend of adventure and analysis.

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43. Communications with a Minor in Spanish

Why communicate in just one language when you can master two? INTJs diving into communications with a minor in Spanish are prepping to take over the media world, bilingual-style.

From crafting groundbreaking PR campaigns to delivering airtight corporate communications, they’re the linguistic ninjas ready to tackle any cross-cultural hiccup. And if you need a flawless translation of your latest business proposal, say no more.

They have it covered, ensuring every detail is as polished as their resume.

44. MBA (Communications)

An INTJ with an MBA in communications is like a commander with a tactical nuke—efficient, precise, and devastatingly effective.

They’re equipped to navigate boardrooms, strategize marketing operations, and negotiate deals with the finesse of a grandmaster chess player.

With a strong grasp of both the analytical and the relational aspects of business, they can turn even the driest data into compelling narratives that could sell ice to an Eskimo.

Prepare to be awed by their ability to dissect complex corporate issues in one breath and articulate a visionary mission statement in the next.

45. Environmental Engineering

Save the planet? Challenge accepted.

INTJs in environmental engineering are on a mission to mitigate climate change, optimize sustainable processes, and design eco-friendly systems—all while maintaining an aura of unflappable cool. They probably carbon-offset their oatmeal in the morning.

From green energy solutions to waste management strategies, these eco-warriors leverage scientific principles to make tangible environmental impacts.

Picture them not just recycling but planning an entire community’s zero-waste initiative, complete with neighborhood composting and solar-powered everything. Greta Thunberg, meet your logistical equal.

46. Chemical Engineering

For those popping chemical reactions like it’s Chemistry Week, chemical engineering offers the perfect playground.

INTJs in this field are orchestrating molecular symphonies, crafting cutting-edge materials, and innovating within industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to energy.

Think of them as modern-day alchemists with a flair for both practicality and innovation. They’re not just creating new compounds; they’re revolutionizing entire production processes with the cold, calculated efficiency of a mastermind chemist.

Expect them to describe catalytic converters at cocktail parties with a kind of gleeful precision.

47. Mechanical Engineering (PhD)

Getting a PhD in Mechanical Engineering is like scaling Mount Everest for the analytically inclined. These INTJs dive deep into the mechanics, working on projects that could range from advanced robotics to automotive innovations.

Submerging themselves in CAD designs and thermal dynamics, they harness their exceptional problem-solving skills to pioneer breakthroughs that may one day shape our very world.

Imagine their dissertation—a tome of meticulous research and complex equations that even Einstein would nod at appreciatively. From fluid dynamics to nanotechnology, nothing is beyond their intellectual reach.

48. Physics/Comp Engineering/EE

When one STEM field isn’t enough, why not master three? INTJs pursuing a trifecta of physics, computer engineering, and electrical engineering are essentially walking supercomputers.

They’re deciphering the laws of the universe, crafting intricate algorithms, and manipulating electric fields with the ease of a maestro conducting a symphony.

Picture Tony Stark, but sans the drama and plus a penchant for solitude. They are the ultimate problem solvers, oscillating between quantum theory and circuit design, and they probably think nothing of writing a new programming language in their spare time.

49. Digital Art & Design

For the INTJ who craves a creative outlet, digital art and design allows them to blend their love of aesthetics with their exacting standards.

These artistic visionaries are transforming pixels into compelling visual narratives, meticulously crafting everything from sleek web designs to complex animation sequences. Their portfolios could rival a modern art museum’s gallery.

Imagine an INTJ critiquing the kerning on a typeface while simultaneously creating a 3D model that’s both visually stunning and technically flawless.

If you need a brand identity that screams sophistication and precision? They’ve got your back.

50. Psychology Major, Neuroscience Minor

Combining psychology with a minor in neuroscience is basically the INTJ’s dream cocktail—complex, intriguing, and brimming with cerebral challenges.

They’re diving deep into the human mind, exploring the mysteries of consciousness, behavior, and cognitive processes, all while peppering their studies with hardcore neuroscience.

Picture them debating the finer points of synaptic plasticity one minute and analyzing Freud’s theories the next, all before lunch. If you ever wanted someone to explain your recurring dream where you’re being chased by a giant toaster, look no further.

They’ve got a hypothesis and a neural map for that.

As you can see, they’re not just confined to the stereotypical coder’s basement or a cold laboratory; they’re redefining excellence across myriad fields.

If there’s one groundbreaking piece of career advice to glean from these modern-day polymaths, it’s this: Never silo your interests.

Let your curiosity roam free, and tether your passions to your profession. Because in the end, true mastery isn’t just about specializing in one area—it’s about creating new realms where your multifaceted skills can flourish.

Now go on, calculate that life trajectory and make Elon proud.

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